Your Outdoor Movie is more than just a movie, it’s a night for family and friends to meet, share and enjoy a community evening together.

Outdoor Movie Ideas and Location Ideas

  • Movies in the Park
  • Drive-Ins (with FM Transmitter)
  • Dive in Movies at the Poor
  • Bike-In Cinema
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Live Broadcast Events (Super Bowl, World Series, X-Games)
  • Back to School (College Campas, High Schools, Elementary)
  • Movie Premiers
  • Corporate Events (employee appreciation)
  • Political Rallies
  • Shopping Destinations (Black Friday)
  • Televised Season Premiers
  • County Fairs
  • Store Grand Openings
  • Resorts
  • Recreation Departments
  • Churches
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Winter Cinema
  • Block Parties
  • Golf Cart Drive-In