Outdoor Movie Equipment

We offer a variety of screens to fit every venue and can do both front and rear projection. Rear projection offers you a better use of your event site. we can discuss which is best for your event venue. Screen sizes current in our inventory, (16′ by 9′)   (25′ by 14′)   (28′ by 21′)   (30′ by 17′)   (40′ by 22.5′) these measurements are just the white projection surface, the bottom of the screen is at 6′ from the ground. Book Now
Projectors (NEC)
This projector is very high resoulation, WUXGA 1920 x 1200 with 10,000 Lumems, we also offer a few different lens options, this is critical in a small venue that does not have a lot of depth (distance between screen and projector). Book Now
Projectors (Panasonic)
This Projector is very high resoulation 1920×1080 with 10,000 Lumens and can project a very bright image on a 30′ wide screen. Book Now
Projectors (Christie)
We offer a variety of Christie Brand Projector with Lumen ratings from 5,500 Lumens to 8,000 Lumens and a variety of different lens selections to best fit your venue. Book Now
Silent Generator (Honda Generator)
The Honda EU6500is is a 6500watt digital inverter power generator rated at 60 dB Very Quite. We have nine of these Generators. Book Now
Speakers (JBL)
The PRX525 by JBL is a Professional Grade Tower Speaker with Two 15″ woofers and 1300 watts of power per speaker, these speakers Stand over 4′ tall. Book Now
Speakers (Mackie)
The SRM450 by Mackie is a Professional Grade Speaker with a 15″ Woofer and 1000 watts of power per speaker. Book Now
Technical Staff
When you hire us you are getting a service not just equipment rental. We feel you should spend your time with your guests and let us do all the video production. All you do is hand us the DVD. Staffing is included when you work with us. Book Now
All Our Equipment is Protected in Commercial Travel Cases, so Everything Arrives in Perfect Working Order. Book Now