Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Outdoor Movie Provider

“The sour taste of bad service last much longer than the sweet sound of a low price.”

1) Does Your Price Include a SILENT Power Generator?
Our Price DOES include a Silent Power Generator This gives you a great deal of flexibility as to where you place your movie screen, you are not tied to placing your screen near a shelter or building for power. We do a lot of movies on Ball Diamonds, Soccer Fields and Pool Decks, just about anywhere and no cords for your guests to trip over. The key is a Silent Power Generator, we don’t even own a cheap lawn-mower style generator, you know the loud ones that you can hear two blocks away! Guess what, the decision is easy.
2) How Bright is the projector you are using for my Movie?
Lumens is a measure of how bright a picture the projector will produce, other providers will try to talk you into a small projector they got at Office Max with only 3000 or 4000 Lumens but the picture will be dim and you won’t be happy. We use 5500 Lumens at a Minimum and up to 15,000 Lumens depending on the size of the screen. Don’t get fooled into a dim projector, with us you can get a much brighter projector at a BETTER price then our competition charges. Why do you think they don’t disclose the model number of the projector they will be renting to you? The decision is easy!
3) Does your Price Include Trained Staff to Run the Projection and Sound Equipment During the Movie?
Our Price INCLUDES staff to setup and RUN all the equipment so you can spend time and enjoy your guests, all you do is hand us a DVD. We do all the work. Some providers will drop off the equipment in the afternoon and hold you responsible for it until they come back and you will be stuck figuring out how to work it instead of enjoying the party. The choice is easy.
4) How Long Have You Been in Business Doing Outdoor Movies?
There are a few people working out of their garage with a flashy web sites and have only been in business one year and only have one or two small screens. We have been in business for over 11 years, conducted over 1145 movie events and have 11 different screens with a size to fit any venue. If one of our screens gets damaged, we have screens to replace it. Other providers can’t do this, they don’t have the equipment and your movie may not go on! And we often upgrade you to the next larger screen for free! Again the decision is easy.
5) How Many Movie Screen and Projector Systems Do You Own?
We own 11 screens and projector systems, you may ask why is this important? Selection, you get the right size for your crowd and venue and if we have a larger screen in stock on the day of your event we can upgrade you to a larger screen for FREE. Second if one of our screens gets damaged we have another screen to replace it with so your event will go on. The guy operating out of his garage may only have one or two screens and if one gets damaged you may get a last minute call telling you your event won’t happen! Nothing worse than expecting 100 guests over for a party or tailgate and to get that call. Once again the choice is EASY!
6) What is the Actual Size of the Projection Surface?
Some providers will confuse you by giving the size of the inflatable frame instead of the projection surface tricking you into think you are getting a larger screen. (a 16’x9′ projection surface may have a 20’x15′ inflatable frame). Our 28′ x 21′ projection surface is over 40% larger then a 25′ x 14′ for about the same price. SIZE DOES MATTER ! Other providers will only give you a diagonal measurement making it harder for you to compare screen sizes.
7) Can you do Both Front and Rear Projection?
Rear projection give you much better use of your event space and you won’t have any screen shadows or bunny ears from the audience walking around. We don’t force you to use front projection. We can do both front and rear projection making the best use of your event space and giving you the best possible HD picture quality.
8) Do you Operate Out of Your Garage or a Storage Unit? Can I visit your Location?
This is very important, most part time providers don’t do enough business to have professional equipment or staff and are doing movies as a part time business to their full time day job. We welcome you to schedule a visit to our 3600 sqft facility. There is nothing worse than unprofessional part time people in front of your guests. Who looks bad when your provider falls short? You deserve professionals that make you look like a star.
9) Do you own all of the equipment you use or do you use other providers if you don’t have the equipment?
Many providers don’t have the professional equipment and “sub-contract” the work to other outdoor movie providers like us. This raises your cost and you will know this because the provider will push you to use a size they own and not the right size for your event. We own and maintain all of our equipment to the highest standards. We bring spare DVD players, Spare projector lamps, spare speakers, spare inflatable blowers, and audio cords, electrical cords and microphones to every event to guarantee your guests will get the best movie experience. We have worked with other media professionals and will disclose this to you if we use anyone other than our own people for your event.
10) How many employees do you have?
Ohio Outdoor Movies is a part of Fun Day Events and employees over 28 seasonal staff, we have been doing professional movie events for over 11 years, if you are not happy you don’t pay! We have many more key elements on how to do a great outdoor movie event, I guess that’s why we do the movies on the Lawn of the State House, in Columbus Crew Stadium, on OSU Campus at Zoombezi Bay and hundreds of backyards in Central Ohio every year. And with our price match policy you cant go wrong! Better selection, better quality, better service and the BEST price, the decision is easy.
Weather Policy:
We are in the business to do GREAT events, we will be happy to reschedule your event to another available date on our schedule due to inclement weather. We ask for as much time as possible when you cancel your event due to (minimum of three hours before sunset). If weather is questionable and you decide to go forward with the event, this will be considered a completed event. We also have the right to stop the event and protect our equipment and staff from inclement weather.
Making Payment:
a 50% non-refundable deposit is required when you make your reservation and the remaining balance is due when we arrive at your event. We accept all major forms of payment including, cash, money orders, major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. (pay by credit card require 2.25% processing fee)
Day of the Event:
We like to arrive early so we don’t disturb your guests arrival usually about two hours before for sunset. All you do is show us where you want the screen and we do all the rest. Set the screen, Sound check and projection tests just before dusk.
Commercial Event Licensing:
We can take care of all your licensing questions and get the license for you in your name, give us a call to discuss the options.
Why choose Fun Day Outdoor Movies?
You are paying for a service, not just renting equipment, you get the benefit our years of technical audio visual expertise to ensure your event is perfect and you can enjoy your guests. We will be happy to tell you the model numbers of our equipment so you can research the technical specs and verify you are getting the equipment and service you were promised. Our silent power generator give you so much flexibility to place the screen just about anywhere and no long cords to trip over and is included in our price.